The Team

Tom Tong

The mastermind behind Tom’s BaoBao, GanQiShi (the bao company in China that inspired him to create Tom’s), and several other companies, he is focused on quality in his business and on how to share his vision with those around him. You may find him in Shanghai one day and Hangzhou the next, only to see him in Boston next week. He’s part CEO, part tea expert, part international man of mystery – meet him and see for yourself! Tom is going to be crossing paths with our trip as his schedule allows.

Rosamond Lu

Originally from Suzhou, China, and residing in Massachusetts, Rosamond is COO of Tom’s BaoBao and is in charge of introducing authentic baos to America. This means that in addition to managing U.S. operations nearly single handedly she is also the main line of communication between China and the rest of the team mentioned below. Rosamond will be joining the trip at the end of October to prepare for our opening in the spring and make sure that Jhonny, Gerry, and Austin are all on track and behaving themselves!

Austin Collier

A Warwick, RI native, Austin just graduated from Colgate University in May 2015 and joined the Tom’s BaoBao team in July. He knows a little Chinese  and is tasked with doing whatever needs doing whenever it needs to get done in order to allow our restaurants to open and our bao to be enjoyed by all. He also writes the blog and feels very strange writing in the third person.

Austin Steaming Basket


Jhonny Cortes

Executive Chef at Tom’s BaoBao, Jhonny lives in Pawtucket, RI.









Gerry Furtado

Training Coordinator at Tom’s BaoBao, Gerry is moving back to Rhode Island after living in Baltimore for the last several years.

Gerry Furtado


5 thoughts on “The Team

  1. Erin Blackmar

    I am SO EXCITED for you guys to come to RI. My brother lives in Japan but I couldn’t find the name of Tom Tong’s original chain in Hangzhou and was wondering if there is a japan location?


  2. Vivi

    Wow I’m very excited for your restaurant! I’m a physician from Macau currently working at Brown, and I live on Westminster Street! Would love to help out in any way. This is so cool!


  3. Sofia

    I am so excited for your opening here at Harvard Square! All the Chinese students are talking about this ^^ and we cannot wait to have all the Baozi we can for breakfast, for lunch, and let’s face it, for dinner too!


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