The Trip

This blog was created to document our trip to Shanghai and Hangzhou. We are leaving Boston on Oct. 15th and have a rigorous travel and training schedule during our time there. On this trip we are going to learn more about bao and the people who make it – enough to begin making high-quality and authentic bao when we get back to the U.S. We are confident that we are the first non-Chinese crew of people to go through this kind of intense and specific training, and are incredibly lucky to get to learn a 1,200 year old culinary art that is just coming into its own as a commercial food item. Please always feel free to reach out to us with comments, questions or suggestions – we hope you learn from us and would love to learn from you too!

You can find out more about us in the ‘team’ section, but here is how we all relate to the trip…

Tom Tong – CEO of Tom’s BaoBao and GanQiShi. The bao grandmaster. Tom founded GanQiShi a decade ago in Hangzhou, and today he presides over 200 locations and counting. Its his vision and passion for bao that has gotten us this far, and is going to propel bao into America. Tom lives in China but absolutely loves the Boston area – that’s why we’re here!

Rosamond – COO of Tom’s BaoBao, will be spending a week with us starting on Nov. 30th. She is the architect behind our end of the trip, and is leading the charge to open up Tom’s BaoBao in America.

Austin – Works in Operations at Tom’s BaoBao and will be going through two weeks of training in China and also familiarizing himself with the business as a whole and exploring as much as possible (he also has the pleasure of writing most of this blog!). He will be in China from Oct. 15th to Nov. 10th.

Gerry and Jhonny – Our intrepid chefs and future Master Baoists. These two will be in China for three months from Oct. 15th to Jan. 12th learning every nuance of bao making and preparing themselves to train the first generation of bao makers in America upon their return.


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