Asia Design Management

ADM Entrance

Today concludes the fourth and final day of the ADM (Asia Design Management) conference in Hangzhou. I was only able to be there on the final day,ADM serving 1 but Jhonny and Gerry were more than up to the task of serving bao to hundreds, if not thousands of hungry guests without me.
From what they report, our customers were stunned to see a couple of foreigners front and center with the local team making bao! Whether it was the curry beef, bok choy, or the novelty of the chefs behind the counter, we were the most popular food vendor at the event by far.Pop up shop line It was also the perfect opportunity to strut around in the new uniforms, made by Uniqlo (a personal favorite – everything they make is so soft…). Its no wonder we were so successful selling bao, we brought a sleek classic design with real functionality handcrafted by experts. Yes, this design is comprised of 60g of dough and 40g of a mix of meat and veggies rather than the wood, metal, or fabric used by other groups’ concepts, but I think that just means we’re innovating.

ADM decor

No disrespect to the more conventional materials at ADM
No disrespect to the more conventional materials at ADM

Tom Also delivered a keynote speech about his products and why he is so dedicated to elevating the status of baozi in China, and soon in the US. There will be plenty of time for me to write verbose paragraphs about what I learned in China and how I feel about the trip in retrospect, but I think I will let the designs and artwork speak for itself this time.

Enjoy some pictures of the ‘art maze’ featured at ADM

ADM Maze Skeleton ADM Maze 7 ADM Maze 6 ADM Maze 4  ADM Maze 2ADM Maze 1ADM Maze 3ADM Maze 5

Thanks as always to Jay for helping me get around!
And as always, thanks to Jay for helping me get around!

One thought on “Asia Design Management

  1. Jeanne Peloquin

    Glad to hear how successful this event was for you guys! Great posts and reading your updates to Gerry’s grandfather whenever you post!


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